My first post-hospital milestone!

Hey friends, I should have posted this yesterday, but I was busy celebrating.

In the progress of treating and healing from leukemia, there are several milestones that patients can look forward to, and celebrate. The longest one, is 5 years. Apparently that’s the first time that the word “cure” is even allowed to be uttered.

But for peeps like me, we need a few milestones to look forward to that are a bit closer. I spoke with my Nurse Practitioner about those yesterday. Working backwards, the one year mark (from my last day of my last chemotherapy, which was 11/26/13) is another milestone. Apparently the first year is the highest likely time for a relapse.

The next milestone is 6 months, from my last chemo. That’ll be 5/26/14. I think I’ll have a party then. However, there’s one more milestone…

The first real milestone, after my final hospital day, is the day that my blood lab results recover to normal ranges. They’re looking at my white blood cell count, my accumulated nucleated cell count, my hemoglobin, and my platelet counts.

That day was yesterday! So, I’ve hit my first milestone worth celebrating!

And I did. Dad and I visited a new craft brewery in Camarillo, and tasted their whole flight of beers. It wasn’t a big party, but it was a party. Actually, it was quite nice to celebrate just my dad and I. Of course there was a celebratory tone over dinner with my parents and their besties. And I’m sure to keep celebrating over the next few days and weeks!

I think I’ll go for a bike ride now.

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  1. Congratulations Trevor, I am so happy for you, have fun with family and friends, don’t take anything for granted. I lost my father to leukemia many years ago, after he had been in remission for some time. Follow your doctors orders and cherish your family, and take that bike ride, you deserve it.

    1. Thank you Richard!

      I tend to be a rule follower, so I expect to listen to my doctors. It’s what I do. I’m also planning on many bike rides! I rode yesterday, and it was glorious! Over the next few weeks I’m planning on slowly getting back into it, with the longer term goals of centuries and more.

      Oh, and my recovery time is really going to help me enjoy the family!

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