Bone Marrow Match

Assuming all of the details are worked out over the next few weeks, it appears that I have a matched bone marrow donor. It’s pretty good news! We’re a bit excited around here.

I’ll have a few visits with my doctor, down at UCLA, as we and they prepare for my readmission. I’m also going to have some exciting treatment, to prepare my body for the transplant. Of course I’ll get more chemotherapy, yeah. They need to drain my bone marrow, so that when I get the new-to-me bone marrow, it can be the source of my recovering immune system.

If you recall, I had a little leukemia in my CNS, this last time. (That was why I had to have all that chemo inserted into my spine!) Well, in order to make sure it’s really gone, they’re gonna irradiate me. This will be my first radiation, so yippy for that. I’ll get a little especially for my brain, before I’m readmitted. Then I’ll get full body radiation once I’m admitted.

Everything is tied to the donor’s schedule, for now. So, with a tentative date just over two weeks from now, my readmission might be then or a little after.

So, join with me as I pray for Wolverine’s powers. I’m good with bone claws, BTW.


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Leukemia fighter. Son of The Most High. Husband. Father. Man.
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4 Responses to Bone Marrow Match

  1. Will Enfinger says:

    Dear Lord and Baby Jesus…thank you for my awesome friend. He’s seen me in a shower, stitched up my chin, and wants to have bone claws.


    Thank you Lord…. Amen.

  2. Kelly Hernandez says:

    Praise God, thank you Jesus for answered prayers! Love you

  3. Julie Reid says:

    So glad to hear this, Trevor! We will be praying for you, as well as blessings on your donor!

  4. Michelle says:

    Seriously the Bone Claws are rather gross – but had to laugh – that is just too funny. Praying for your Donor – that God will bless their life and that the gift they give you will be exactly what your body needs to heal. What a blessing, as it comes so close to Father’s Day, too.

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