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SLO Photowalk

Hey there photog friends! It’s time for another photowalk on the Central Coast! I’m proposing a downtown San Luis Obispo photowalk. Here’s the catch, since many of you might consider this, but then decide against it because of the distance … Continue reading

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Sacramento Photowalk

Interested in joining me for a little photowalking around downtown Sacramento? Then do it! Tuesday, 12/27/11. Let’s meet at 4 pm in front of the California Capitol building. This will give us plenty of time to gather up, before the … Continue reading

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Morro Bay Photowalk?

Hey California photowalkers! I really, really, really need to get out photowalking with some of you again! It’s been too long. I’m thinking about Morro Bay. For most of you that would mean planning a very long day, or a short … Continue reading

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Night Time San Francisco Photowalk

When we’re in San Francisco, in September, I’d love to meet up with new and old photo friends for an evening of photowalking. Meet us at Fog City Diner, at 7 pm on 9/12/2010. The sun will be setting around … Continue reading

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Old Town Folsom Photowalk

OK, let’s get right to the point. I’m going to be photowalking around old town Folsom on February 20th, 2010. If you want to join me, meet me at the Folsom Railroad Museum at 4pm on that day. I’ve wanted … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara Mission Photowalk?

Real quick! Come join us at the Santa Barbara Mission for an afternoon photowalk. Meet on the front steps of the Mission, at 2pm on 12/12/09. When we’re done there, we’ll head downtown for a little bit, and probably finish … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Photowalk

Hey folks, back on the 16th of October, I met up with a decent-sized group of photowalkers. We had tactically chosen downtown Palo Alto for our little meetup. Over 30 folks showed up in the early evening, with sundown threatening … Continue reading

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Do you photowalk? Are you in northern California?

I thought I’d take a second to remind any northern California photowalkers that I’m participating in an evening photowalk, right near the California state capitol. Our goal is to shoot some sweet neon in the surrounding area. Head over to … Continue reading

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So one of my Vimeo contacts made this totally cool video from taking photographs. Below he describes it. I’m completely and totally excited about this, and I’m going to give it a try ASAP! “A photograph taken at every ten … Continue reading

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Corriganville Park, good hiking for the family

So, heading into my weekend, this past week, I wanted to head out hiking with the family again. When I was young, I hiked a lot. In my young adult years, I hiked a lot too. Wanting to pass this … Continue reading

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