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The great hard drive debacle of 2013

For those following my recent mistakenly-formatted-hard-drive debacle, I have an update. This came as a result of bad data/media management, on my part. I had stuff all over the place, and was “intending” to get around to cleaning it up … Continue reading

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The future is now…er…not yet.

You photographers out there are most likely aware of the alleged shift in product design for dSLR’s. The companies have banned together to deny us the viewfinder…or something like that. :-) Apparently when the big dogs switched from film to … Continue reading

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Homemade Dropbox

With Dropbox’s recent change to their Terms of Service (ToS), many people are up in arms over what appears to be a rights grab. Honestly, I’m not sure either way. But, it got me thinking… You see, I use Dropbox … Continue reading

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Android-powered Asus Transformer Tablet unboxing

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Chrome OS, is it ready?

I honestly think it’s close. Last night, we arrived at home after a 2 day road trip, to find an unexpected package on the front doorstep. What was it? A fancy new Google ChromeOS netbook, called the CR-48. Deanna and … Continue reading

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Attention Google, your Reader team is asleep

I know that Google’s Profile, Buzz, and Reader products are all interacting these days. And with Facebook’s horrible stumble in recent months with the issue of privacy, there hasn’t been much discussion on Google’s total failure to integrate our privacy … Continue reading

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Super secret beta release of Seesmic for Android…with support for Google Buzz!

Hey folks! Google announced their much anticipated API for Google Buzz today at the 2010 Google IO conference. In no time, Seesmic released a beta of Seesmic for Android, with support for Google Buzz. The catch? It’s only for attendees of Google … Continue reading

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The Kindle unboxing…

Well, I got an Amazon Kindle. If you don’t know what that is, then WAKE UP! It’s Amazon’s e-reader. It’s basically my thin digital device that holds 1500 books. The purchase price includes access to what Amazon calls Whispernet, aka … Continue reading

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The Apple Tablet, er iSlate thingy

OK, so I’m going to go on record that I believe the alleged Apple iSlate/tablet will actually be quite successful. Here’s why: Before Apple’s laptops had taken over the notebook category, there were users who had great desktops, with crappy … Continue reading

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I am not too proud.

OK friends. Here’s the deal… Google is preparing to announce an awesome new mobile phone, based on their Android mobile operating system. They’re calling it the Nexus One. I know about this Android system because I’ve been using an Android-powered … Continue reading

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