Android ICS Argyle Wallpaper

Hey there Android peeps!

I noticed a pal asking for a cool new wallpaper, for his Galaxy Nexus, today on Google+. He wanted an argyle styled wallpaper, with the ICS color scheme; black and blue (#33b5e5), with white highlights.

I thought, “That’s easy enough.” I booted up Illustrator, and tossed it together. During the interaction I realized that others may want something similar. So, here it is!

I might toss together a few variants, just to make it interesting.



Here’s Eric’s screenshot of this wallpaper in action:

Here’s some variants:


My pal, Jerry, is the cat’s meow.

A few weeks ago I shot him a link to the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) wallpaper that you may have seen. I asked him if he was willing to reinterpret it, with the original Android icon, in the world of Tron. This is his result:

Switch to Android, from iPhone…

“So I am getting just a little bit more from T-Mobile for $15 per month less on a much superior network.”

That quote comes from Thomas Hawk, a fantastic photographer, longtime Apple fan, and new user/customer of Android/T-Mobile.

Take a read of his first week’s impression after switching to an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S, on the superior T-Mobile network.

Super secret beta release of Seesmic for Android…with support for Google Buzz!

Hey folks!

Google announced their much anticipated API for Google Buzz today at the 2010 Google IO conference. In no time, Seesmic released a beta of Seesmic for Android, with support for Google Buzz. The catch? It’s only for attendees of Google IO. Lame.

Well, a little fancy googling found me a sweet post with a QR code and a download link. Walla! It’s installed on my fancy little Nexus One!

Do you want it? Hit the QR code below, and download the .apk file.

Want a direct link? Go here:

I am not too proud.

OK friends. Here’s the deal…

Google is preparing to announce an awesome new mobile phone, based on their Android mobile operating system. They’re calling it the Nexus One. I know about this Android system because I’ve been using an Android-powered T-Mobile G1 for the past year. It’s really a great platform. Of course you iPhone users might disagree. What’s great is that there really is room for both platforms, and a few others. Android has a place to browse for, download, and even purchase apps. In the last few months, many publications have been realizing that the Android Market is actually growing to the point that most of the apps you would want are probably available or will be real soon.

Back to the point of this post. Sorry.

With the upcoming announcement of Google’s in-house developed Nexus One, most see the Android platform emerging as a force to be reckoned with, and I agree.

The G1 has been a great phone. It has a slide-out keyboard, which is something many don’t want to give up on. I switched from a Blackberry Pearl, and figured that I really needed a physical keyboard. I’m not so sure anymore, but I’m glad I had the G1 to help me transition.

As the quality of the operating systems, and the processing power increases, I think we’ll all begin to see that touch input is really a great feature. The G1, is almost good enough for that.

Reading the hype for the Nexus One, I’ve been convinced. The processor is more powerful. The graphics abilities are increased. The screen itself is significantly more pretty. Yeah, I said ‘more pretty’. So, I decided I want one. One problem, my contract isn’t up for another year. No problem, right? Well, to get an unlocked Nexus One I’ve got to come up with a reported $530. Wow. The T-Mobile contract price is a reported $180. That’s a bit more reasonable, but I already mentioned I still have another year on my current one. Lame!

Then, yesterday, on New Year’s Eve no less, I prophetically broke my G1. It’s not so bad that I can’t use it. But the screen is cracked. For a short-term solution, I slapped a strip of packing tape onto it. Ghetto? Yes.

The now handicapped G1. It still works though!

As God is my witness, it was not on fault, as has been alleged by some. This really creates a larger problem than I wanted. Sure, I’d love to be able to replace my G1 with a Nexus One. But I just can’t…or can I?

That brings us to you. Yeah, I went there. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, or followed me on Flickr or at, you probably already know that I’m a huge fan of trying new things, and reviewing it for you here. This past year, I’ve even taken quite a large number of photographs with my G1, even processing most of them on the G1, and uploading them for you all. So I thought, “Why not try to raise some money, and commit to reviewing many of the features of this sweet new phone right here?”

So that’s what I’m going to do.

If you think you can lend me a hand, and help me get this new phone, I’ll commit right now that I will exhaust the Nexus One through as many tests as a regular guy like myself can come up with. I’ll keep making and processing photos. I’ll download all sorts of apps, even ones you recommend, and see if they work. I’ll use it to navigate myself all over the place. I’ll do whatever you people want me to do, to test out the Nexus One.

So what do you think? Do you want to help me out? Then just hit the donate button below, or the button near the top of the column to the right.



Well, Google announced that the upgrade price, for current T-Mobile customers is now no longer $380. That was my practical goal, with raised donations and my own contribution. With Google’s new price, I’ll only be dropping down $280 for a new Nexus One! I CAN DO THIS! With your continued help, and a bit of my own, I really think I might have a new Nexus One in a few weeks. Yeah!

*********ANOTHER UPDATE********

So, I raised enough cash to help me finally get a sweet Nexus One! I LOVE IT! Go read about it here. Mobile App for Android!

Real quick, for those Android users envious of those iPhone users who have that sweet app by Adobe called Photoshop…

They announced it for Android today! Just use your barcode scanner on the code below:

I downloaded the app, and quickly processed a photo I took yesterday. Not bad. Basic editing, but no special effects. I’m kinda bummed out about that. Maybe they’re just testing the waters. For now, I’ll stick with PicSay Pro. It’s a faster and smoother app.