Android ICS Argyle Wallpaper

Hey there Android peeps!

I noticed a pal asking for a cool new wallpaper, for his Galaxy Nexus, today on Google+. He wanted an argyle styled wallpaper, with the ICS color scheme; black and blue (#33b5e5), with white highlights.

I thought, “That’s easy enough.” I booted up Illustrator, and tossed it together. During the interaction I realized that others may want something similar. So, here it is!

I might toss together a few variants, just to make it interesting.



Here’s Eric’s screenshot of this wallpaper in action:

Here’s some variants:


My pal, Jerry, is the cat’s meow.

A few weeks ago I shot him a link to the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) wallpaper that you may have seen. I asked him if he was willing to reinterpret it, with the original Android icon, in the world of Tron. This is his result: